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Since 1960 the Whitemarsh name has meant real estate for thousands of folks in our area.  We’d like to include you in that growing number.

For professionalism, experience,  and the compassion to get things done you can count on us.  My dad would tell me years ago if you truly like your job and care about your customer you’ll be a success no matter what you do,  because that overall compassion means you’ll be there whenever they need you.  You’ll do what it takes.  Good outcomes, success, simply will follow.  

For you Buyers, let us be your company to find what you’re looking for.  Let our 64-plus years of experience walk you through the investigative process of finding just what you’re looking for, and guide you through the sometimes challenging loan and closing process.   We’ll be there for you at every turn and make your experience in purchasing from us a good one.  We’ll make sure of it.

For you Sellers, we know you’ll appreciate our professional approach and attention to detail from the time we meet with you until the time we sit down to close your transaction.  From the listing of your property to the time we say our goodbye’s, we handle it all for you.  Just as important for you is to expand your market as much as you can.  We go where others don’t and always have, and that’s absolutely vital to your success.  Maximizing your marketing means maximizing your dollars.  No doubt about it.  

Nobody does it better.  We look forward to working with you.  

R. Dennis Whitemarsh
Whitemarsh Properties L.L.C.

Montello    Westfield    Princeton

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